Lake Chala

Lake Chala

Lake Chala in Kenya is a gem of fresh water lake hidden in crater only a short distance from the Taveta /Amboseli road on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Lake Chala is found on the Kenya/Tanzania Border and both Lake Chala and Lake Jipe are shared between Kenya and Tanzania.

Lake Chala is the deepest Crater Lake in Africa. Depending on the time of year, Lake Chala ranges in colour from deep blue to turquoise and green, it is surrounded by a 100 meters high crater rim. Walking round the crater takes about four hours to complete a circuit of the crater. Wildlife found in the area includes crocodiles.

Lake Chala has more than 250 parasitic cones and craters in the Kilimanjaro complex, which exhibits some of the finest volcanic scenery in the world.

Other Attractions around Lake Chala

The nearby Kaisugu Hills were the battle ground of the German forces and the British Army led by General Smuts in the 1914/18 war, and it is here that the formidable Lord Grogan (famous for his walk from Cape to Cairo for the love of a lady) built his home which is locally known as Grogan’s Castle.

Visiting Lake Chala

Lake Chala can be visited while on Safari to Tsavo West, Taita Hills Saltlick or while on safari to the Lumo conservancy. You can combine a visit to Lake Chala with a Visit to Lake Jipe where you can see wildlife like hippo, crocodile, elephant and a small herd of the rare Grevy's zebra

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